PT BIJB signed MOU With PT Railink and PT Gapura Angkasa

PT BIJB Efforts to increase the number of strategic partners in the management of West Java International Airport (BIJB) Kertajati, Majalengka continues to grow.

PT BIJB put through the signing of the MoU with PT Railink on intermodal transport cooperation in Kertajati International Airport, and also with PT Angkasa Gapura on Groundhandling management cooperation and Warehousing in Kertajati Airport, Tuesday (01/24/2017) night.

Present at the MoU signing ceremony, the Director of PT BIJB Virda Dimas Ekaputra, while PT Railink directly by the President Director of PT Heru Kuswanto and Gapura Angkasa Finance Director Esther Siahaan.

Virda said the masterplan Kertajati service, there are plans to build a multimodal terminal next to the railway line airport. The signing of this MoU is as an early form of exploratory cooperation and hoped for the future joint BIJB PT PT Railink can manage Kertajati Airport multimodal terminal together, including the management of the airport train.

In addition to managing the multimodal terminal, train Railink will also manage the airport. “This MoU assessment form cooperation in the future so that there will be a train service to the airport,” he said

Railink itself according to own experience managing airport train like at Soekarno-Hatta, until Kualanamu, Medan. In the MoU the two sides in the next six months will discuss the technical details of how merealiasasikan airport train.

As for Groundhandling and cargo warehousing activities at the airport Kertajati, PT BIJB need partners who have experience in that field. So be explored in cooperation with PT Angkasa Gapura the MoU as a first step assessment of the cooperation. Expected future cooperation can be done in managing Groundhandling and cargo warehousing in Kertajati service.

“Gapura PT Angkasa which is a subsidiary of AP II already has a lot of partner airlines and experience in managing groundhandling and cargo warehousing,” he said.

President Director of PT Railink Heru Kuswanto said Railink is a subsidiary of PT Kereta Api Indonesia and PT Angkasa Pura II, the operator Railway amanahkan be the first service in Indonesia. “Currently we are operating in Kualanamu Medan, and will serve in several big cities in Indonesia, Soekarno Hatta Airport Railway is the closest our project,” he said.

Railink as an alternative for public transport to and from the airport. And cooperation established between the Airport Railway Railink International Airport West Jakarta Railink is a commitment to provide services to the people of Indonesia.

In addition, from the business side, West Jakarta International Airport is considerable market potential future d. We will serve the people of West Java her later. “We expect the signing of the MOU on the night between PT and PT BIJB Railink is the beginning of good cooperation and can be developed more widely in the future,” he said.

While the Finance Director of PT Angkasa Gapura Esther Siahaan ensure it is ready to support and be a partner to provide groundhandling services at the International Airport Kertajati.

PT International Bandarudara West Java (BIJB) is a Regional-Owned Enterprises (enterprises) formed West Java Provincial Government through Perda No. 22 in 2013 and then founded on 24 November 2014. BIJB responsible for the construction and development and operation of Kertajati International Airport, also developed with integrated Aerocity Metro Bandarudara for economic development in the vicinity.

Situated in Majalengka, West Java, Kertajati Aerocity service is expected to be the future of aviation services that didukeung by the integrated system accessibility of the highway, the speed of the train, and the harbor. With the concept of Aerocity, is expected to become the center of economic activities supported by the huge potential of natural resources and agriculture so that the airport was later act as a driving force of economic growth in West Java.

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