Matasora World Music Festival 2017

Matasora World Music Festival 2017 brings the best of both worlds!

Matasora World Music Festival (MWMF) 2017 which was held in Bandung on July 22 to 23 was deemed a huge success as it managed to attract thousands of local and international visitors.

With “Beat the Tradition” as the main theme, the event was held at the state-owned train operator PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI)’s Persediaan Cikudapateuh warehouse. It was divided into three spots namely Mata Stage, Sora Stage and Ruang Film Bandung (Bandung Movie Room).

“This is the first the time the event is being held and it has attracted thousands of visitors with hundreds are from overseas, this is exhilarating. The music concert is a collaboration between local and international musicians and showcases many kinds of music genres and cultures. This is an exciting weekend,” said Tourism Ministry’s Archipelago Marketing Development deputy, Esthy Reko Astuti.

“Metasora has the spirit to promote West Java and becomes the pillar of national culture as well as increasing West Java tourism,” she added.

The first day of the festival started off at Mata Stage with a Jaipong dance workshop by Mira Tejaningrum and then followed by more workshops such as Ramwong dance by Ramkhamhaeng University from Thailand, Workshop Music Workshop about percussion by Zineer and British Colin Bass who was invited to talk about “Indonesian Music in the World’s Scene.”

On the Sora Stage, there were performances from international artists such as Ecuador, Norwegian and India whilst at the Ruang Film Bandung, local movies such as Mengejar Dangdut (Suddenly Dangdut), Sengatan si Bengal (Bengal’s Sting), Jejak Musik Harry Roesli (Harry Roesli’s music trail) and Muslim Headbangers were being screened there.

On Sunday, July 23, the Mata Stage had a workshop on Rejang Shanti dance by Bulantrisna Djelantik, “Music Writing in Social and Culture Change” workshop with Idhar Resmadi, “Exploring Traditional Gamelan with Electronic Music” workshop by Patrick Shaw Iversen and “Copyrights in Music Works” discussion with Djakawinata Susilo and Chico.

The Sora Stage featured performers coming from France, Taiwan and England.

Source : The Jakarta Post

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