Sukabumi derived from the Sundanese language, namely Suka-Bumen according to and remember the air is cool and comfortable. Cold climate in the mountainous north of the plains in the south coast is reason enough to stop by and stay in this area. Sincere hospitality of its citizens even be a compelling reason to stay longer, especially for European tea planters in the past.

In 1914 the Dutch East Indies government make Sukabumi as “Burgerlijjk Bestuur” status “Gemeenteraad Van Sukabumi”. The reason is that in this city many people remain Dutch and European owners of plantations in the area Sukabumi the South. They are considered must obtain special services that make them exclusive community Dutch tea planter in western Java. They also headquartered in Vrier Building in Post Weg, Bandung, which is now known as Jalan Asia Afrika.

As part of the motherland Sundanese culture easily mixed with the contemporary world, Sukabumi and people still faithfully preserve the old traditions and cultivate a new generation of acculturation process. You will not find yourself as an outsider because people in Sukabumi will receive you with a welcoming and friendly. This is a cultural cues that indicate that you are fully welcomed warmly.