Pangandaran Regency is one of the new district was born on October 25, 2012, when the count Pangandaran Regency is still in its infancy, the east by the Province of Central Java, north Regency Its mother is Ciamis regency, west, Regency of Tasikmalaya. And Southern Ocean Indonesia.

Pangandaran Regency is divided into 10 districts, District residents Pangandaran generally they are farmers, the rest is no attempt in the fishery, animal husbandry, fishing, and crafts.

Fertility Pangandaran Regency, as an agricultural area is unbelievably supported by its many rivers, including Citanduy, Cijulang, Ciputra Pinggan, and others.

District residents Pangandaran consists of a multi ethnic, consisting of Sundanese, Javanese, Chinese, etc.

Islamic religion in general, and also has a distinctive new culture of keterbauran result, from time to time continue to grow and develop. Various facilities for a live growing, such as education institutions is growing rapidly. Sports facility was likewise, in addition to hundreds of football field, that should be noted is that there are two racetrack, one of which is the racecourse level nationwide that will be used later in the PON in 2016, the area of Pangandaran Regency this sport is so entrenched,

At a time when the regents named Wiranatakusumah Tasikmalaya District, the district of Pangandaran when it was included into the district of Tasikmalaya, and in the early 20th century the area now become Pangandaran district of District Sukapura Tasikmalaya submitted to the District Galuh Ciamis.

Name Pangandaran two dispersions some say from the word Food and andar, which means foraging, some people say that the origin of the word Pang, which means a andar, which means play and an is a word suffix because if the grammar No word prefixes and suffixes, so named Pangandaran on lap andar – which means an Pang is the place, and andar are a play, and an is the word suffix, which means it is a pangulinan [place to play / traveled]. But if we examine the Sundanese appropriate grammar is pangulinan (spot traveled / play)

Art is alive in Pangandaran Regency is not much different from other regions in Priangan, art Buhun alive today is: Debus, Mandorek, Kuda Lumping, Rudat, Badud and others. Additionally in Pangandaran Regency there is an art Buhun that we can say as a hallmark of Pangandaran Regency, is a Ronggeng Gunung.