By air

Susi Air flies from Jakarta on small 12 passenger Cessnas and its interesting to have experience flying with small plane for those who has not. You can also bring your surfboard, for the large surfboard will be charge as much as the seat price. The distance between airport to pangandaran is about 45 minutes. Passengers should be aware that departure times may be changed with as little as 24 hour notice, and should check in with their booking travel agent, or Susi Air directly the day before a flight.

From Bandung to Pangandaran

The bus to Pangandaran from the Cicaheum terminal is costs 53,000Rp (no A/C and smoking allowed) or 65,000Rp (A/C, smoking forbidden), these costs are accurate as of August, 2015. The company offering this service is called Budiman. The route is via Cihaurbeuti and takes just over 7hrs, with multiple stops for refreshments or toilet usage. At each of these stops vendors will board the bus to sell to you or serenade you. It is a relatively large bus (i.e. not minibus), so usually fairly spacious. It will drop you within walking distance (1.5km) of the hotels in Pangandarn (be aware of the fee, 3500Rp as of March, 2015 to enter the Pangandaran town limits, not to be confused with the much larger fee to enter the national park there).

By car

Most travel agencies rent minibuses with drivers for about 500,000 Rupiah per day including driver and petrol. Put together your own tour and you may be able to negotiate a better rate. The most popular trip is a three-day tour to Yogyakarta. The usual route will take you as far as Wonosobo for the first night. The second day goes to Dieng for the sunrise, then on to Borobudur for the night. The final day is to Yogyakarta via Prambanan.

Seven hour drive from Jakarta.