By plane

The nearest major international airport is Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta Airport.(IATA: CGK). If the traffic is OK (i.e., non rush-hour times), the drive between the airport and Bogor is about 1.5 hrs. If the traffic is bad (rush hour times), it can be double that.

There are direct Damri buses from the airport to Bogor Rp 55,000 (~ 4 USD; can also be taken in the opposite direction to get to the airport), running every 30 minutes. The bus is very convenient, comfortable, and air conditioned, and can be picked up easily near the exit. The standard bus luggage racks underneath are available if you have lots of luggage. Upon arrival, just go outside and ask an airport official for the “Damri bus to Bogor”. They will point you to the spot to wait. Tickets are bought on-board (i.e., you don’t need a ticket beforehand — but you will need cash/rupiah). The bus will take you to the Bogor bus terminal which is adjacent to a large shopping mall called “Botani Square”, which is centrally located in Bogor.

Another option from the airport is by taxi, that with meter costs around Rp 350,000 (~25 USD + ~ $2 for highway tolls, which are above and beyond the taxi fare). Please note that the traffic can be very bad during rush hours (6-9 AM and 4-6 PM) and especially on Monday and Friday afternoon. For a taxi, find or ask for the “Blue Bird Taxi” stand, which is directly outside the airport exit. Do not take any other kind of taxi. Blue Bird taxis are metered and will not rip you off.

If you charter a helicopter from Soekarno Hatta airport, you can request in advance for permission to land at Atang Senjaya airport, Bogor. This airport is a military base, but it may be used for civilian flights in the future.

By train

Commuter trains depart Jakarta’s Kota station every 20-30 min or so via Gondangian, Manggarai and Depok, but can be crowded beyond belief (especially at peak commuting times) and they do not stop at Jakarta’s main Gambir station. If returning to Jakarta from Bogor, check the schedule near the ticket booth to make sure the train you want to take is the correct one. Other trains from Bogor take different routes within Jakarta after departing from Manggarai and do not call at Gondangian and Kota.

Commuter trains to Depok (which is 3/4 of the way along to Bogor) seemed more frequent and far less crowded than trains going all the way to Bogor, from Gondangian station. Probably more comfortable to take two trains, first (longer) one to Depok on more empty frequent train, then change there and get on train to Bogor (only 4 more stops). Not sure if you can do that on one ticket or if you need to buy two separate tickets. Even the crowded train was air conditioned and clean though.

Fares are extremely cheap (a couple of thousand rupiah), but the first time you’ll also need to pay the deposit on a reusable ticket card to work the entry and exit gates (about IDR10,000). The deposit can be refunded by returning the card at the ticket counter in any of the commuter railway stations in the Jakarta / Bogor area.

In case you stay in Jalan Jaksa, the place for backpackers, you are just 10 min. walking from station Gondangdian.

There are also three trains each day from Bogor to Sukabumi.

By bus

Buses goes to Bogor from Jakarta, Bandung, Sukabumi, Purwokerto, Yogyakarta and even further cities like Malang.

Buses from Jakarta depart from Lebak Bulus, Kampung Rambutan and Kali Deres bus terminal and take about 1-2h depending upon the traffic. There are two types of buses available Executive (air conditioned) and Economy.

Buses from Bogor to Bandung take about 3h. Executive buses use the Cipularang highway route while the Economy buses are still using the old route via Puncak pass, during weekends they may take a loop through Sukabumi, adding an extra hour).

By car

The easiest way to get to Bogor is to hire a car and a driver; this is relatively cheap; the journey time is about 1 hr. There is more than one road to Bogor, and the minor roads are often the most interesting. By toll highway, Bogor is about 40min from Jakarta. During traffic jam (rush hours), it will take 80-120min. Many commuters stay in Bogor and work in Jakarta. On weekend and holidays, the trip from Jakarta to Bogor may take up to 3 hr.