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Malela waterfall has a height of about 60-70 m and wide 50 m with the river upstream from the northern slopes of Mount Kendeng which is flowing to Cidadap and empties into Cisokan. The water is very heavy and if you're lucky we can see hundreds of long-tailed monkeys (Macaca pasciscularis) drinking water under the waterfall.

Malela waterfall is the top waterfall of a seven series waterfalls along 1 km. The sequence is Malela waterfall, Katumiri waterfall, Manglid waterfall, Ngebul waterfall, Sumpel waterfall, Palisir waterfall, and the last is Pameungpeuk waterfall. All of them are located in Cicadas village, Rongga subdistrict, West Bandung regency.

Each waterfall has its own peculiarities. Malela waterfall has a waterfall that fell apart in 5 existing lines.