Kelom Geulis

The Actual Crafting From Tasikmalaya

Kelom Geulis is a typical clogs made ​​by the craftsmen in Tasikmalaya. Kelom Geulis made ​​of mahogany wood carving with typical Tasikmalaya embroidery. Motifs painted on kelom geulis is like drawn batik cloth. That’s why the process of making Kelom Geulis requires special techniques. Travelers can actually see Kelom Geulis in various places such as Rajapolah craft center, but the shape and the color offered is not as dynamic and as modern as Kelom Geulis that is sold in Gobras area. However, due to the difficult access, not many tourists come to this region. In addition, only 10 stores remaining that are still selling Kelom Geulis as primary commodities.