Ciptagelar Village

The Wisdom of Traditional Community of Ciptagelar Village, West Java

The Ciptagelar Village is famous for its cultural thanks giving rituals of Seren Taun, a yearly post- harvest ceremony, usually done in August, to express their gratitude towards the successful of their harvest.

The Seren Taun rituals have made Ciptagelar as one of the ‘must see and visit’ cultural events and most appealing natural ecosystem in West Java. It’s not just that. As one of the eight traditional villages in West Java, Ciptagelar has its own magnetism – the subsistence and the wisdom.

As one of the Kasepuhan in Banten Kidul, located at 1200 m above the sea level, administratively Kampung Ciptagelar is under the Cisolok sub-district, Sukabumi Regency. However, what is said as traditional community of Banten Kidul, it encompasses of a substantial area from Sukabumi and Bogor to Pandeglang, West Java. Kasepuhan itself refers to a way of living based on ancestral traditions to the local community who lives according to these traditions.

The physical development of Ciptagelar is a bit controversy as it is part of the Halimun National Park conservation. For instance, the road/pathway from Ciptarasa to Ciptagelar constructed by the internal community were criticized by the externals and were accused as destroying the forest.

Nevertheless, the Ciptagelar community will not chop the trees and clear the forest carelessly, only as needed. They have a natural wisdom to sustain the environment.

Kampung Ciptagelar was proclaimed as the first village connected to the internet through the USO (Universal Service Obligation) program, a government program to provide rural telecommunication services with the objectives of reducing the isolation of rural regions, overcoming the digital gap, achieving more equitable development, and maintaining the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.