Sri Baduga Fountain Park

To be the Largest Fountain Park in Southeast Asia

Here, in the center among the hundreds of dancing fountains sits majestically the statue of Prabu Kian Santang, son of Prabu Siliwangi, also known as Sri Baduga, the most famous Maharaja who ruled ancient Padjajaran. Here, Prabu Kian Santang is portrayed sitting crossed-legged on a giant lotus flowerSurrounding the statue, no less than 2,000 water spouts shoot up showers that dance following synchronized music. And enhanced by streams olight in rainbow colors and laser play, they form images of a man and woman dancing special Sundanese traditional dances.

Built to be the Largest Fountain Park in Southeast Asia the Sri Baduga Park encompasses a total area of over 3 hectares. The fountain Park sits right in the center of Purwakarta’s landmark, the Situ Buleudor the Round Lake, which is an artificial lake originally built during Dutch Colonial times and meant as a pool fora herd of the near extinct rhinoceros population. (The last Java rhinos can now be found only in the Ujung Kulon National Park).

The Fountain is part of an extensive development of the Situ Buleud Tourism area which started construction in 2013, with the first stage officially opened in 2014. This was followed by the second stage in 2015. In the long-term, there will be 9 stages of development with each stage focusing on different unique features to be operated by the most up-to-date modern technologies.