Green Canyon

Amazing Natural Scene at Green Canyon, West Java

Indonesia is known for its beautiful nature. Wherever you go across the country, you will find a variety of spectacular attractions. When you visit Java Island, Indonesia, make sure you visit Green Canyon, near to Pangandaran Beach, Ciamis Regency, in West Java, Indonesia.  Green Canyon, which was traditionally called Cukang Taneuh, offers a line of natural attractions that have amazed millions of local and international tourists every year. The Green Canyon is situated along the Cijulang River with the main spot located at Kertayasa Village and Batukaras Village. Talking about Batukaras, Batukaras Beach has been long recognized as a favorite destination for water surfing.

The beauty of Green Canyon begins from the first time you get into the entrance gate. The River Cijulang splits two faces of cliffs, providing gorgeous panorama. If you are familiar with the Green Canyon of Colorado, the United States, you will probably agree that the physical structures of the two Green Canyons are identical. The similarity is perhaps the reason behind the name. The Green Canyon becomes more attractive because of the existence of some other interesting spots.

“Green Canyon” Journey through some truly wondrous jungle – rich in massive teak trees, palms, various hanging vinery and the shrill sounds of extensive bird-life. The canyon is apparently a couple of hundred meters long, but it is only safe for visitors to venture the first hundred. At the end of the passable section, the opportunity arises to jump from a 5 meter high stalagmite formation rising from the canyon floor into a deep pool below. The rocks aren’t sharp or slippery and there’s a myriad of harmless critters around like frogs, dragonflies and miniature crabs to marvel at too.