Garut Hot Springs

The Switzerland Van Java

Garut being popular for its natural hot springs which spread along Cipanas area and Darajat in Pasirwangi area. Cipanas tourist resort area lies on the slope of Mt. Guntur at Tarogong sub-district. It is about 6km from Garut downtown or fifteen minutes by public transportations. This natural tourist resort constitutes a mountain range with beautiful panorama and breeze air.

There is a hot springs that very effective for health (cure rheumatism) which is the main attraction for both domestic & international tourist. Besides that, Cipanas also offers many kinds of tourism activities such as swimming in hot water pools, hiking and paragliding on Mt. Guntur. From the hot spring visitors can enjoy views of the hills. Vehicles that can be used for to this area of private cars and motorcycles. Sources of clean water in this region comes from a spring with crystal clear water quality, fresh taste and smell normal water. So far, tourists who come only from tourists visiting the archipelago like Garut, Cirebon, Jakarta and Bandung.

The outpouring of hot water coming out from bowels of earth is surrounded by several kinds of trees, big intersecting steel pipes in that area. Those steel pipes channel hot steam to the turbine of earth heating electric power plants.

Besides Cipanas hot spring, Darajat hot spring is become popular among domestic and international tourist these days. The hot water from this ht spring comes from Mount Darajat in Pasirwangi district. Darajat Mountain has some active craters with the small explosions accompanied with the outpouring of hot water coming out of crater’s mouth.