Cangkuang Temple

Historical Site in Garut

When you get traveling in West Java, don’t forget to come to this historical building is Cangkuang Temple. Cangkuang is a Hindu temple that found in Cangkuang Village, Leles District, Garut regency about 40 kilometers south of Bandung.

Cangkuang Temple is unique about this temple is that is situated on a small island in the middle of a lake. In the lake are next to this island two other islands with a smaller size.

This temple is the first found in West Java as recently as 1966, and is the only temple Hindu temple in this area. It is a not a big temple: it is shape is squared 4.22 by 4.22 m with a height of 2.49 m.

Cangkuang temple was built during the time of the first of the Sunda Kingdoms namely the kingdom of Galuh in the 8th century AD.

Though certainly Cakung Temple is a Hindu temple, nearby the temple is the Cangkuang cemetary for the Royal Mataram army of Arief Muhammad, who died fighting against the Dutch in the 17th century while they were spreading the Islamic religion in the region.

Nearby Pulo village is also interesting. It is comprised of only 6 houses that line face to face, each of 3 buildings located on the right and left side and one mosque building. It is customary provision that has to be kept and has been so for centuries. The people living there now, are the descendents of Arif Muhammad.


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