Indonesian Safari Park

The leading amusement park in Indonesia

Taman Safari Indonesia or Indonesian Safari Park as one of the leading amusement park in Indonesia had been successful in the animal conservation as well as in visitor’s satisfaction. Safari Park is also well known as a conservation center as well as a modern zoological garden with various collections of flora and fauna. In this Park, you will not only enjoy the beauty of it‘s nature, but also interact directly or watch the animals wander around freely. Visitors can also travel in this conservation area using their private car or a provided bus through these amazing wild habitats. Indonesia government has awarded Indonesian Safari Park , such as Indonesia Green Award, Sapta Pesona Award, Best Indonesia Travel And Tourism Award and Satyalancana Pembangunan Award.

Indonesian Safari Park has a collection of animals from nearly all over the world and local animals such as komodos, rhinoceros, bisons, sun bears, white tigers, elephants, anoa, etc. There are more than 2,500 animals in Taman Safari Bogor with hundreds of species currently being maintained.

Safari park provides buses for tour circling the park. The advantage is there will be a tour leader explaining each area. But my favorite is to drive my car around the park and stop whenever I want to spend more time watching some animals or feeding them.

The animals in Safari Park Cisarua are grouped based on their origins: animals from Asia, Africa, and America continents. But don’t expect to see animals living in the four seasons country or the arctic, because they can’t stand the tropical heat. Taman Safari Indonesia once had a polar bear. Its tank is located farthest uphill in the park, but after a while he couldn’t survive. This Safari park has special area for lions, tigers, and bears. There are 2 gates for each entrance and exit, to keep these wild animals inside. When a car arrives at the first gate, it will automatically open and close when a car has passed. Then the second gate will open to let the car enters. You must be extra careful here, never ever open any window. Sometimes the animals are in the perfect pose that we can’t stand to open a window and take great pictures without considering the impact.

The baby zoo is also part of the amusement park in Indonesian Safari Park Cisarua. Hence, there are many rides such as merry go round, go kart, jet coaster, etc as well as several on stage shows. Some of the shows are bird of prey performance, lion and tiger show, cowboy show, and elephant show. The elephants can paint with their trunk. They usually paint on t-shirt so we can buy and wear their painting.