Curug Cigamea

The Most Famous Waterfall of Mount Salak Endah

Curug Cigamea is the most famous waterfall located in the Gunungsari village, Pamijahan subdistrict, Bogor Regency, which is part of the region of Mount Salak Endah tourism area. Mount Salak Endah is approximately 38 kilometers from the Bogor city. From the entrance, you have to walk down the valley approximately 350 meters or 20 minutes travel time to arrive at the location of the Ngumpet waterfall. The road to the waterfall is a path made of stones which were arranged to form stairs. Along the way, you will see monkeys which will approach you. In this area there are at least about 50 monkeys.

Curug Cigamea consists of two major waterfalls with different characters. The first waterfall is closer to the entrance, with a steep cliff walls and dominated by black rocks. The water that flows on to the pond is not too deep and wide so it cannot be used for swimming. While the second waterfall is about 30 meters from the first waterfall and is located in the gap cliff. The second waterfall has a height of about 50 meters with brownish-black rock cliffs. The pond of the second waterfall is quite deep so it can be used for swimming.

When you want to swim, but you do not bring a change of clothes, you do not need to worry, all the way to the waterfall there are clothes seller, you can buy for clothes. In addition to swimming, in the Cigamea waterfall there are also small fish ponds that are rented for a fish therapy. You can try the fish therapy here. If you are tired you can get a rest and enjoy some snack and drinks which are sold in a few stalls.