Cilember Waterfall

Natural Ecotourism in “Waterfall 7 Cilember”

Curug Cilember also known as “Waterfall 7 Cilember” is a natural tourism area that carries the concept ecowisata. Natural tourism area presents the beauty, coolness and green tropical rain forest with the main attraction in the form of 7 (seven) fruit “waterfall”. The area is located in the hills Hambalang precisely in the Village District Jogjogan this Cisarua, is only ± 25 km from the city of Bogor and ± 100 km from the city Jakarta and can be reached by motor bikes, cars, buses and medium micro bus.

In the area of nature tourism which has a height of 700m – 1.010m above sea level with a temperature of 15° – 25° C, we can explore and enjoy the beauty and coolness of seven waterfalls that are at different heights by crossing paths among the shade of tropical rain forest vegetation, makes an adventure and exciting and unique experience in our lives. In addition we also can learn or just to know and see the beauty of 12 species of wildlife Butterfly which is in dome-shaped park captivity.

For those who want to spend the night available in the form of Jungle Lodge accommodation with views overlooking the waterfalls, rivers and forests. Sound gurgling waterfalls and rivers and pine leaves voice in the wind always accompany our sleep silence, giving the sensation of its own and make a new experience amid the routine and busyness of our everyday. Another option is to spend the night in tents (camping) which can be mounted in several locations suitable camping ground our choices and desires. For those who want to make available accommodation in the form of a small conference hall / meeting room with capacity of 20 (twenty) persons.

Besides the daily tourism activities (recreational) and travel overnight (jungle lodge and tent), we can perform the activities in the open (outdoor activity programs), such as: education / introduction to environmental and nature conservation (eco-edu), outbound & gathering (low impact, high impact, extreme impact), Trekking jungle, filming, photography, photo hobby, photo praweding and so on .

Natural waterfall that voiced friendliness Cilember through beautiful tropical rain forest vegetation, the movement of butterfly wings and waterfalls gurgling increasingly strengthen us to always keep sustainability.