Maribaya Waterfall

Beauty behind The Lush of Maribaya Forest

Maribaya derived from the name of a very beautiful woman who became the source of excitement for men. Because of the beauty and comfort of the region, the location of warm water baths was immortalized by the name Maribaya. Elegancy scenery with waterfalls murmur is described as a beautiful girl that makes every young man bend to his knees. Since it was developed in 1835 by Mercury Eyang Dinata, Maribaya’s father, this attraction was successfully changed the lives of Mercury Dinata Grandmother who previously lived in poverty become wealthy because many people visit this place. They do not just come for the natural fresh air of the mountains and hills, but also seek a treatment by soaking in warm water.

Located at East Lembang, around 21 KM from Bandung, Maribaya Waterfalls, will take your breath away and astonish anyone viewing the majestic waterfall. Powerful, sparkling, and the magnitude of its splashing sequence upon rocks beneath, provide for a moment of exhilarating thrill and the tranquil viewing pleasure in nature. Nevertheless the cascading water, its dew and vapor, gusts with the wind in every direction making this natural wonder a pleasure to visit. Maribaya can be reached from the city of Bandung or it could be from the town of Subang. It usually takes about 60 minutes by car or bus to reach this location from Bandung. Entry Ticket is less than Rp 5000 per person. This region once famous for its thermal baths. But it is still well known today by its nature that is still beautiful and blends with Juanda Forest Park neighborhood.

Omas waterfall, with a height of approximately 30 meters seems to be a special attraction for tourists to visit here. The existence of two bridges could be used as place to observe the waterfall from the top and bottom, and it also makes it easy for visitors to be able to more freely enjoy the waterfalls without fear of getting wet.

The environment around Curug Omas was very nice and cool with dominant voices of the waterfall and the monkeys. Several ‘warung’ (food stall) were seen opened serving customers on the hilly parts at the side of the open area. Actually there are several other waterfalls at Maribaya, such as Curug Cigulung, Curug Cikawiri and Curug Cikoleang, and there are hot springs as well that you can enjoy there.

Two waterfalls (Curug Cigulung and Curug Cikawari) with shade trees around the area is the main attraction of Maribaya. Green grass that grows well manicured and flowing river divides the area makes Maribaya is a suitable place to visit with your family.