Jelekong Cultural Village

Village of Many Famous Sundanese Artists

wayang golek makkerJelekong village is located in West Java whose people make their living by painting. One subject of the paintings is natural sceneries. The uniquity of Jelekong village is not yet known by the public. Therefore it is interesting to be researched in relation with their tourism potentials.

Many art events and artists who reside in Jelekong Village made ​​this village famous as a center of Sundanese culture. Artists from Padepokan Giri Harja such as the puppet group are often invited to perform in various events. Often artists from Giri Harja were invited to abroad such as France, USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, and India. Puppeteers from Giri Harja also attended various competitions puppet show, appearing on television shows, as well as tapes and VCD perform puppet show. Special for cultural arts like puppetry, it has spawned powerful puppeteers from Abah Sunarnya descent, one of which is the famous Asep Sunandar Sunarya. In Jelekong not just any mastermind or puppeteers but there are also craftsmen who actively producing puppet.

Besides the puppet, Jelekong village also famous for its other Sundanese arts. Artists develop another art with loyalty such as painting, martial arts, crafts, jaipongan, sisingaan and others. In addition there are also people in Jelekong village who produce Sundanese typical food. Besides the tourists who come to see the show, there are also several foreigners who came and settled in Giri Harja some time to learn the art of puppet show. Foreign tourists are starting to come to learn since 1987 and come from a variety of countries such as the United States, Sweden, the UK and France.