Curug Malela

A mini version of Niagara Falls

malelaThe name is Curug Malela (Malela Waterfall). This beautiful waterfall located in the village named Cidadas. Cidadas is a village in Bandung. In this area, the fields contour much like a staircase. The waterfall is not as wide as Niagara Falls, the Malela waterfall’s width is only 50 meters, but a lot of people call it a mini version of Niagara Falls.

Malela waterfall has a height of about 70 meters. The water sources are from the north of Kendeng Mountain. The water is heavy and is divided into 5 lanes. The scenery and atmosphere there are very beautiful. If you lucky there, you could seeing some monkeys drinking water in Malela waterfall. It is a view which you can’t get even in Niagara Falls.

Although the Malela waterfall is potential for tourism, but it is still lack of facilities and infrastructures. One and only road access to get there is very narrow and difficult to passing through. You have to walk around 1 Km to the reach the location of the waterfall. There are two routes to the waterfall Malela in Bandung, from sukabumi or from cimahi. If you choose from Cimahi, it takes approximately 4 hours drive. The route is Cimahi -> Batujajar -> Cihampelas -> Cililin ->Sindangkerta -> Rongga -> Malela Waterfall. When you reach Cidadas, you have to be extra careful because the road is rocky and some fairly steep climbs. After reaching the last village, Dusun Manglid, you have to walk about 1 km along the road that has the contour up and down. Near the Malela waterfall, there are several other waterfalls. In the district of West Bandung, there are some pretty interesting waterfalls such as Buana waterfall, Nyandung waterfall, and Cilinggapayung waterfall.