A Heaven For Shoe Lovers

cibaduyut 1Cibaduyut region was already known for its shoes product results. Various forms and types of shoes produced annually to meet the needs of the tourists who want to shop in Cibaduyut. When it comes to shoes, Indonesia is also known as one of shoes producers with good quality. A city which is very popular with shoes industry in Indonesia is Cibaduyut in the city of Bandung, West Java. Generally, the leather shoes are produced in many variations ranging from sandals, formal shoes and even boots. The shoes craftsmen’s in Cibaduyut live behind Cibaduyut road thus making shoe distribution process becomes easier and save on distribution costs.

In 1920, some local people who worked at shoes factory in Bandung stopped working after they knew how to make shoes. They started running business, making and selling their products little by little in their neighborhood by involving family members as workers. Based on information from Cibaduyut footwear business figures, before Japanese colonial era in 1940, some shoes workers in Cibaduyut had developed, reaching 89 people. It was inseparable from the increasing shoes order because Cibaduyut shoes were considered to have good quality and meet the taste of consumers at that time. Moreover, in 1950s, shoes business unit in the area developed into 250 units.