Bandung’s Geology Museum

Houses For Bones and Stones

museum geologi_1This museum was established on May 16, 1928 and later was renovated with the funding assistance from JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). Geology Museum is located at Jalan Diponegoro, near Gedung Sate, Bandung West Java. In the museum, you can obtain various informations related to geology and see some interesting collections, such as the skull (fossil) of first human being in the world, the skeleton fossils of prehistoric animals, 156 kg meteorite that fell on March 30, 1884 at Jatipelangon, Madiun. As a historic monument, this museum is considered a national heritage and is protected by government regulations. It stores and manages abundant geological materials, such as fossils, rocks, and minerals gathered during the fieldwork in Indonesia since 1850.

The Geology Museum was originally functioned as a laboratory and storage of geological and mining investigations result from various parts of Indonesia. Later, it was developed to be not only as a research facility but also as an education facility, a facility providing various informations about geology and tourism.

The shift of museums function in accordance with advances in technology makes the Geology Museum become:

  • A place for non-formal education associated with the earth and its preservation efforts.
  • A place where people conduct a preliminary study before the field research. In this context, the museum serves as a geology information centre describing the condition of Indonesia’s natural geology in the form of visual aids collection.
  • An interesting Geotourism object.