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  • Hilwan Saleh
    Hilwan Saleh
    Executive Director WJTPB
    West Java has a huge variety of annual festivals, concerts, shows and events. From large scale productions to small local occasions. Art Deco, culture, jazz or the joys of theatrical performance, whatever the excuse, its cause for a celebration!
  • Herman Muchtar
    Herman Muchtar
    Indonesian Hotels & Reestaurants Association
    Welcome aboard! Just bring your tour to our door and we'll help you make the most of your stay. From luxury lodge to backpacker hostel or boutique Bed, West Java offers you a range of accommodation!
  • Herman Rukmanadi
    Herman Rukmanadi
    Association of The Indonesian Tours & Travel Agencies
    West Java is an ideal destination for escorted groups, FIT and other group and leisure travel. We will help you locate suppliers ready to assist you with products and services, including: adding value, lead services, special offers, new product updates, itinerary, and more.
  • Frances B. Affandy
    Frances B. Affandy
    Bandung Society for Heritage Conservation
    Nature herself sculpted the destiny of West Java, her mountains and shores, inland lakes and lust valleys. From these rich gifts, the people of West Java shape their heritage. Wanting little needing little else then nature provided, the Sundanese and other ethnic enclaves of West Java shaped rich and vibrant confections of traditions and cultural heritage.
  • Cecep Rukmana
    Cecep Rukmana
    Director WJTPB
    West Java has something for everyone. Whether your interests include history, culture, arts, rally driving, marine sport or simply relaxing on a sandy beach, from natural wonders to spectacular attractions and world-class services, you will find all this and more in West Java.

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